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New Releases, Project News – February 21, 2013

Revitalisation of Haw Par Mansion

Our warmest congratulations to the Aw Boon Haw Foundation, a charitable organization set up by philanthropist Ms. Sally Aw, who has been awarded “Approval-in-Principle” (AIP) by Hong Kong’s Commissioner of the Heritage’s Office, Development Bureau, for the re-adaptive use of the 1930s historic Haw Par Mansion.

Bing Thom Architects is honored to have been the lead architect of this heritage revitalization proposal, working closely with the Aw Boon Haw Foundation, its strategic partners, the Heritage’s Office, Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Government, and other key stakeholders.

The proposal put forward by the Aw Boon Haw Foundation for the “Haw Par Music Farm” (HPMF) envisions to serve the dual purpose of conserving this well-loved mansion as a heritage landmark open for public and tourists’ enjoyment, together with a development that will house a bouquet of vibrant and enriched music learning and related programs for the people of Hong Kong.

Key strategic partners of the HPMF initiative include the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO), Vancouver Academy of Music (VAM), and the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). The HPMF seeks to provide a culturally enriching environment for pre-school and school-aged children, young adults and seniors through the study of western and Chinese music. Partnering internationally with the VAM and RCM, the HPMF will facilitate and encourage cross-cultural exchange between Western and Chinese music and nurture the next generation of arts practitioners and cultural leaders.

The mansion was built in the Chinese Eclectic style and mainly features Western spatial planning and construction method using reinforced concrete with an adoption of traditional Chinese architectural elements on the appearance. A Western interior planning is observed at the Main Block through the adoption of an entrance porch, with rooms designed around a spacious main hall at the middle, and a penthouse on the roof terrace floor. The private garden at the front adopted a French parterre style laid out by turfed lawn with paths cut into it. The HPMF will restore the mansion with furnishings and artifacts both from selective collections that are currently stored in the mansion as well as from the former owner’s private collection. The significant defining elements will be preserved with minimal intervention while complying with current building ordinances.